Digitally-initiated, turned into a reality

Featuring the power of interactivity, our projects take a look at the world and its invisible places to reveal human nature.

Our projects:

  • Reclaim physical spaces for reflection and play.

  • Explore the connexion between technology and movement.

  • Give a platform to eclectic and unique voices.

  • Take advantage of interactive tools to discover and/or rediscover places.

  • Harness the potential of new technologies to learn more about the world and ourselves.


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Domino effect


Our dreams come true!

Through our work on several large-scale projects, we have acquired an integrated expertise in conception, production, and technology development. Because we do more than dream!


Quand la foule devient cirque

Turn the circus into an interactive experience? That is what we did with our app “Quand la foule devient cirque.”

The "Quartier des spectacles mobile" app

Enrich a neighborhood by revealing its secret stories and by offering exclusive interactive experiences? That is what the “Quartier des Spectacles” mobile app delivers.



Provide a lively neighborhood with a strong visual and experiential identity? That is what Tectonique promises.

cercle_Jardin (1).png


What are your core values? This interactive installation aims at gathering people’s deep thoughts on life and to share it with others, anonymously, while looking at the sea. Breath in! Breath out!

Night Garden

Create an engaging and playful experience that reminds us all to take care of our city and community.


The whole is greater than the sum of its parts

Ingrid Ingrid brings together a multidisciplinary team of experienced people, with a solid knowledge of conception, content creation, experience design, and production. The collective’s strength resides in its capacity to make diverging fields meet and work together.