Photos : Nicolas Gouin

“Ingrid Ingrid's installation illustrates our homegrown creators' immense talent in finding new avenues for occupying public spaces all year round."

- Valérie Plante, Mayor of Montreal

The experience

Pushing giant luminous and musical dominos so they fall in cascade? Yessss!

Each domino station takes on a different shape, a different color and a different musical score. Each domino fall is a musical instrument from an orchestra; percussions, marimba, balafon, flute, voices and percussions and voices.


The game

A domino fall is a game that most people know. This version is just much bigger, active, collaborative, musical and colorfu! It’s the perfect idea to engage people from all backgrounds; the game doesn’t require any particular skills. However, to put back the dominos in standing position to make them fall can lead to communication with strangers. Furthermore, when collaborating, the joyful moment of making them fall again comes back faster.


Interactive, in many ways

People are invited to play with six big luminous and musical domino set. They may put back the dominos in standing position and then push them to see them fall one after the other…. and start all over again if they wish to! One of the fun fact about the game is that people invented alternative games with it: push the dominos on one end and run to arrive at the other end before the dominos would, push the dominos on both ends at the same to see which side would arrive in the middle first, push the dominos of someone else in the middle of it to tease them, trying to synchronise all the six domino falls, and more.

In summary:

- A traditional board game made giant, public and interactive.

- An interactive project that creates engagement between strangers, for the time of a domino fall and a good laugh.

- A musical and luminous outdoor installation that engages citizen in a different experience with their city.