Welcome to the Quand la foule devient cirque application (“the Application”), operated by Ingrid-Ingrid Inc. (“Ingrid Ingrid” or “we”). To use the Application, you must abide by certain requirements, terms and conditions that will be explained in this document.


As the user (“you” or “the user”), you indicate acceptance of these terms by using the Application. If you do not agree to these terms, you must stop using the Application.

Allowed uses

The Application allows you to consult original content and participate in interactive experiences using your mobile device. We may also suggest content based on your location, if you have authorized the Application to access your device’s location services feature.

You are authorized to use the Application for personal purposes on a mobile device running either the iOS or Android operating system. You are not allowed to access the Application by means of any automated system or using any other platform without our prior written agreement.

Our copyrights

Ingrid Ingrid is the exclusive owner or authorized licensee of the entirety of the content contained in the Application, including all text, images, drawings, videos, sounds, source code and object code.

You are not allowed to modify, copy, distribute, execute, transmit, post, provide, reproduce, publish or sell any portion of the Application or its included content, nor any information or service obtained through the Application, except for strictly personal use of the Application according to the present terms of use, nor to issue any license or sub-license to the Application or any of its content, without our prior written permission.

At our sole discretion, we may suspend or cancel your access to all or some of the Application for any reason, including failure to abide by these terms of use. Any suspected fraudulent, abusive or illegal activity may be grounds for terminating your access to the Application.

User-generated content

The Application allows you to create content including text, images, sounds or other types, which will be accessible to other users of the Application or to the general public through the Application and/or the Web (all such content is referred to as “User Content.”) You are responsible for all User Content that you publish using the Application. You are responsible for ensuring that the content you publish is legally permissible and does not infringe the copyright of any third party. You expressly guarantee to us that you are authorized to share your User Content with the public, anywhere in the world, and in particular that this content does not infringe the rights of any other person or entity, including intellectual property rights.

By these presents you grant Ingrid Ingrid a universal, royalty-free, non-exclusive, irrevocable and transferable right to reproduce, represent, use, modify, adapt, translate, transform, commercially exploit and share with the public, by telecommunication or any other means, your User Content. You renounce and irrevocably agree to renounce, in our favour and that of our successors and rights holders, the exercise of moral rights that you hold or may hold in any User Content.

Illegal or prohibited use

You may not use the Application to upload, nor transmit by any other means, any illegal, harassing, false, misleading, defamatory, abusive, profane, threatening, vulgar, obscene, sexually explicit or pornographic material, nor any malicious computer code, that could disrupt the operation of the Application or that is otherwise objectionable. You promise not to use the Application to obtain or attempt to obtain unauthorized access or to cause damage to any other computer system.

Control of content

We reserve the right, at our sole discretion, to delete any User Content that violates the present terms of use or that we consider inappropriate. However, we do not systematically monitor User Content shared through the application, and we assume no liability for the User Content made available through the Application. By using the Application, you assume the risk of being exposed to inappropriate or illegal content.

External links

The Application offers links to websites owned and operated by third parties. We have no control over such sites and are not responsible for their content. We link to external sites solely to facilitate navigation, and the availability of a link does not mean that we approve of the linked website’s content.

The websites and pages related to the Application (such as the En Echo page) are governed by their own policies, which may differ from the present terms of use and/or be out of our control. We encourage you to read the applicable policies before visiting or using these linked websites and pages.

Copyright violations

If you believe Ingrid Ingrid or an Application user has violated your copyright or trademark, you must advise us by writing to the following address: info@ingrid-ingrid.com

Your claim must include the following:

  • an image of the copyrighted content or trademark subject of your claim and the context in which the copyright is infringed or the trademark used illegally

  • the name of the copyright holder or trademark owner

  • the number of the copyright or trademark registration certificate, if any

  • the location where the infringing material is found in the Application

  • the name and address of the infringing party, if available

  • your contact information

You are eligible to use this claim procedure solely if you have reasonable grounds to believe that we or one of the users of the Application have infringed your rights. Any frivolous use of this claim procedure could result in interruption of your access to the Application.

Waiver of liability

Although we make every reasonable effort to provide high-quality service at all times, you use the Application and any services delivered through it at your sole risk. The Application is provided on an as-is basis and without warranty whether express, tacit or implied. In particular, Ingrid Ingrid offers no implicit guarantee as to the quality of any merchandise offered, the suitability of the Application for any particular need, or the absence of fraudulent activity.

Our priority is always to serve you well, but Ingrid Ingrid does not guarantee that access to the Application and services accessed using it will be uninterrupted and secure, or that the content available through the Application will be free of errors, precise, complete and up-to-date. In particular, we cannot guarantee the accuracy of information respecting the schedule, description and admission cost of suggested activities or points of interest.  

You obtain data from the Application, whether uploaded, downloaded or obtained otherwise, at your sole discretion and risk. Ingrid Ingrid does not guarantee that such data will be free of viruses or other malicious software that could damage or contaminate your personal computing equipment or other items. You bear full responsibility for any damage to your devices or any data loss that may arise from uploading and/or downloading such data.

Limitation of liability

In no circumstance shall Ingrid Ingrid be held liable for direct, indirect, punitive, accessory, special, consequential or other damages of any nature whatsoever, including but not limited to damages for the loss of data or profits resulting from the use or performance of the Application, content and services accessed via the Application, or the inability to obtain or use them, whether such liability is grounded in a contract, tort, negligence, strict liability, or could be incurred in another manner, even if Ingrid Ingrid has been advised of the occurrence of damages. If you are dissatisfied with all or part of the Application, or with any part of the present terms of use, your sole recourse is to cease using the Application.


You must indemnify and hold harmless Ingrid Ingrid, and its associated companies, directors, managers, shareholders, employees, proxies and licensees, from all damages, claims, liability, loss, fees, fines, penalties and debts, including reasonable legal fees, that would result from:

1. your use of the Application or any alleged violation on your part of these terms of use

2. any User Content

Applicable laws

The present terms and conditions and all related operations are governed by the applicable laws of the province of Quebec and of Canada, and must be interpreted consistently with such laws.

Any dispute or litigation arising from the use of the Application or related to the present terms of use must be filed with a competent court of the province of Quebec located in the judicial district of Montreal, to the exclusion of all other jurisdictions.


We may amend these terms of use at any time, without notice, by making the revised terms of use available within the Application.

The amended terms of use will take effect immediately upon their availability, and by continuing to use the Application you automatically agree to the modified terms of use. The date of the most recent update is indicated at the end of the present terms of use.

How to contact us

We are pleased to receive your questions, comments and reactions with respect to this policy. If you have any questions or comments, please write to us at: info@ingrig-ingrid.com.

Last update: June 22 2017