Real-life achievements

Be it conception, production or technology development, our projects have allowed us to acquire a rich and diverse expertise. But Ingrid Ingrid does not stop there. Moved by a constant desire to improve and innovate, we keep learning and reinventing ourselves. That's just how our dreams come true!


New project! Domino effect

Giant, musical and luminous domino falls.


Quand la foule devient cirque

Ingrid Ingrid, in collaboration with the "Minutes Complètement Cirque", realized an interactive version of this show, which has been taking place for seven years in the streets of Montreal. We thus developed an application, with the aim of turning the public space into a stage and the crowd into an actor. With the app, spectators were able to control the acrobats and participate in group choreographies. The crowd truly became the circus!

The "Quartier des spectacles" mobile application

Equipped with their mobile phone, visitors can explore and immerse themselves in Montreal's Quartier des spectacles. The map helps users get a better sense of the territory and find shops and tourist attractions, while the exclusive content provides a unique way to discover the district. Guided audio tours featuring Montreal's must-sees, an events calendar, and more, converge to reveal what passersby would have probably ignored.


Well-known to the tourists' and students' crowds, the Latin Quarter sought to adopt a strong visual identity, that would highlight its existing architecture while also going beyond it. The installations created thus invite users to experience an iconic Montreal's neighborhood through play and exploration.

Night Garden

Night Garden is a virtual and  interactive community garden. You first have to plant a virtual seed, then care for the seedling to help it grow. The deeper meaning of the Night Garden and our main goal is to reintroduce the notion of “taking care” on a urban and community level. We hope that Night Garden can remind us that the quality of our environment depends on each one of us.



The installation first invites visitors to stop and relax with the help of a few intriguing pieces of furniture. Mixing with the sound of the sea or  the water, there is ambient music playing that reveals secret messages, powerful stories and thoughts.