Geneviève Levasseur
President and Creative Director

A natural and inspiring leader, driven by the desire to offer new interactive and narrative experiences, Geneviève founded Ingrid Ingrid to bring her wild – but feasible – ideas to life. Geneviève possesses both the creativity needed to surprise, and the capacity to take her unique projects to the finish line. She creates new formats, produces high-quality content, and brings about playful and innovative experiences.

Geneviève has previously worked within large organizations, including the national public radio and television broadcaster, CBC/Radio-Canada, where she led ambitious projects such as the restructuring of and the updating of the radio program.

*Ingrid is Geneviève’s second name, which she also handed down to her daughter. Ingrid Ingrid was born out of this particular connection between a mother and her daughter.


Katherine Melançon    
Experience and content designer

Katherine likes to solve all creation challenges with interactivity. She enjoys creating unusual experiences in an inclusive way. She has been doing it for over 20 years, with the same enthusiasm as when she first started.



Marie-Ève Rheault    
Executive producer

No obstacle, even the most stubborn one, can resist her perseverance and her intuition for finding good solutions. Marie-Ève counts over 15 years of experience in project management, several of which have been awarded. She is the perfect combination of technical knowledge, global understanding of the stakes, patience and negotiation.


Shania Bogdan    
Strategy director

Shania knows Ingrid Ingrid inside out and can tell when and where she is at her best. Her sunny disposition resists any gloomy day, making her a valuable asset appreciated by all, both with the team and with clients.

Perrine Bral   
Production administrator

The fairy godmother of administrative challenges and coordination; her rigour, her tact, and her skills for dealing with sensitive matters make her a precious ally.